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 HomListi App Real Estate Listing mobile app in React Native-based Android & iOS app for HomListiReal Estate WordPress Theme. Your ideal tool for home organization
The HomListi App is a strong and user-friendly smartphone application made to assist you in organizing and managing your house. HomListi App makes it simple to create and manage lists, set reminders, and communicate with family or roommates thanks to its user-friendly layout and rich functionality. The HomListi App can help you with everything from grocery lists to cleaning schedules, meal planning to housekeeping. The HomListi App is intended to streamline your home organization and simplify your life, so say goodbye to strewn notes and neglected tasks.

Fun Facts ( Gathered By UrbanSofts ):

  • A group of individuals with a passion for house organisation created the HomListi App with the goal of simplifying home administration and assisting users in maintaining organisation.
  • Combining the words “home” and “list,” the name “HomListi” expresses the app’s emphasis on making and managing lists for home organisation.
  • The user interface of the HomListi App is slick and contemporary and was created to offer users of all ages and backgrounds a seamless and natural experience.
  • A rising number of happy users of the HomListi App depend on it to simplify their home organisation routine and keep their houses running smoothly.
  • Numerous customers have given the HomListi App positive feedback, praising its usability, useful features, and capacity to make managing their homes simpler.

Pricing ( source: ThemeForest ) :

  • Regular License
    • $44
  • Extended License
    • $3000

Review ( By UrbaSofts ):

  • After using this App for our few Projects, we can say this is the most value for money Mobile App for WordPress E-commerce Stores and their Mobile Application
  • This Mobile App has a Dynamic module that enables you to choose and customize the look and template of your mobile app from your WordPress website as easily as a few clicks.
  • Easy setup, super easy to set your WordPress keys and compile it to Android or IOS format.
  • Has its own amazing WordPress theme which is required for this mobile app to work
  • If you want to have both E-commerce Website and Mobile App, then there isn’t any other Product better than HomListi Mobile App and WordPress Theme

Like any smartphone software, the HomListi software offers advantages and disadvantages. Let’s examine the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing the HomListi App for a home organization:

HomListi App Pros ( Source: ThemeForest and CodeCanon ):

  • Easy Experience: The home organization routine is made easier thanks to this App’s user-friendly interface, which makes it simple to construct and manage lists, set reminders, and work with others.
  • Enhanced Productivity: The HomListi App helps you stay on top of your chores and deadlines with reminders and notifications, enhancing your productivity and ensuring that nothing gets missed.
  • Lists that can be customized: This is a flexible tool that can adjust to your particular demands for home organization. It allows you to create and customize lists to meet your needs.
  • Collaboration and Sharing: It is simple to share information and collaborate with family members, roommates, or other people. This makes it simple to assign tasks and keep everyone informed.
  • Tags and categories: You may organize your lists and chores using HomListi App’s categories and tags features, which make it simple to sort, filter, and locate tasks based on their characteristics or location.

HomListi App Cons ( source mixed ):

  • WordPress Dependency: You need to buy the Homlisti Theme too to make this App work.
  • Learning Curve: Although this App has an intuitive user interface, some users might need some time to become used to its features and functionalities, especially if they are not used to using apps that are similar.
  • Dependence on Technology: This App depends on technology, which means that it could have technical problems like bugs, crashes, or connectivity issues that could affect how it functions and how users interact with it.
  • Privacy and data security: As with any mobile app, privacy, and data security may be an issue. Do not enter sensitive data into this App, read its Privacy Policy first.


Features of HomListi App Mobile

  • Login/ Registration
  • Ad Posting
  • My Account
  • My Listings
  • Edit Profile
  • Favorite
  • Database Location
  • Top/ Featured & Bump up ads
  • Category page
  • Grid View
  • Ad detail Page
  • Related ads under the detail page
  • Search
  • Location selection
  • Chat with seller
  • Email to Seller
  • Direct phone call
  • Report add
  • Conditional Fields
  • Google MAP & OpenStreetMap
  • Google Location
  • Radius Search
  • Store Facility
  • Membership
  • Payment (Offline, Card, Paypal & Authorize.net)
  • Share option
  • Social login (Facebook & Google)
  • Business hour
  • Social profile
  • Google Admob
  • Rating & Review
  • Multilingual support
  • RTL Support
  • Social Profile Icon in Store detail
  • Push notification (Listing Approved, Listing Expired, Chat, Listing Created (Admin), Order Created (Admin)

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